Registration checklist

Registration checklist HERE TO DOWNLOAD (in pdf)

Dear pilots, please be sure to bring all required documents for registration listed below. We need to check your original documents from which we will make copies (or we will check already sent documents).


1)Registration certificate of the glider
2)Valid certificate of Airworthiness or Permit to Fly
3)Valid weight and balance sheet of the glider
4)Third party Liability insurance (GLIDER)
5)Documentation of GNSS FR calibration
6)OGN registration or Tracker Code (Flarm)


1)FAI Sporting Licence
2)Valid Pilot Licence (or equivalent document)
3)Valid Medical Licence
4)Medical insurance
5)TUE (if applicable)
6)Validation of foreign pilot Licence (if applicable)

 Also please prepare following information:

  • Your billing address
  • Medical insurance of your crew
  • Phone numbers of your crew