Validation of a foreign pilot licence

March 31, 2017

Dear pilots! As you’ve read our email, there is some further information about validation of your pilot licences. This applies to pilots, who will fly gliders registered in Europe and who have: non-European pilot licence or non-European ICAO licence (It doesn’t apply to non-European PART-FCL licence) or older European GLD […]

Small schedule change

March 29, 2017

Dear pilots and Team Captains! We have made a change in schedule of the event. Team Captain’s briefing will be held on 16 MAY 19:00. Local Procedures were updated.

Entries deadline POSTPONED

January 29, 2017

Dear glider pilots, Bulletin 1.2 has been just published. We decided to postpone deadline for registrations. New deadline for sending registration forms and entry fee payment deadline is 1 March 2017. Please check new version of Bulletin.


January 27, 2017

We would like to ask all pilots to fill only correct information in the entry form. We want to know your IGC Ranking ID number, but many of you have entered your IGC Ranking position or random number. All pilots will sign an affirmation where all of you declare all […]

UPDATE – Pilot Registration Form

January 24, 2017

We have updated Pilot Registration Form. Many of you probably don’t have an information what plane you will fly during the championship, so the Glider Section is not required to fill – you will be asked later what plane you will fly. We have also improved website security, SSL is now […]