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IGC Pilot Ranking ID
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Pilot Licence No.
Medical Licence Valid Until  format: DD-MM-YYYY
FAI Sporting Licence No.
ID Card Number
Mobile Phone Number


Glider Type
Contest No.
Airworthiness Valid Until  format: DD-MM-YYYY
Three Party Insurance Cover
Proximity Warning System - FLARMNoYes

GNSS FR - Logger

Primary FR (Model)
Primary FR File Code
Calibration Certificate  format: DD-MM-YYYY
Secondary FR (Model)
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Crew #1 First, Last Name
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Crew #2 First, Last Name
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Document declaration

I declare that I am holder of the following documents and that they are valid and contain correct information (check box):

Valid Pilot Licence or equivalent document
Proof of qualification regarding hours and badges (at least 250 hours as pilot in command, thereof 100 hours in sailplanes, gold or silver badge, completed two National Championships)
Current medical certificate (if required by pilot’s licencing country)
Valid FAI Sporting Licence
TUE – Therapeutic Use Exemption (leave the box blank if you do not have a TUE)

Registration Certificate
Valid Permit to Fly
Valid weight and balance record
Third Party Liability Insurance Certificate (minimum coverage for MTOW up to 500 kg 750.000 SDR (approx. 870.000 EUR), for MTOW above 500 kg to 1000 kg 1.500.000 SDR (approx. 1.800.000 EUR)
Valid FR calibration certificate for primary and secondary FR (issued after 5 June 2012 - not older than 5 years)
Proximity warning system (Flarm)
OGN Flarm Registration
Certificate of Airworthiness: Valid Certificate of AirworthinessTemporary Certificate of Airworthiness

Accommodation & Alimentation

Accommodation preferenceI am interested in accommodation at the airfieldCampsiteOther/own
PilotbreakfastlunchdinnerI am not interested
Crew #1breakfastlunchdinner
Crew #2breakfastlunchdinner
Family/Other - no. of breakfasts
Family/Other - no. of lunches
Family/Other - no. of dinners


Estimated date of arrival  format: DD-MM-YYYY
Other interestsI am interested in car rental facilitiesI am interested in glider rental facilities
NOTE: To shorten registration process, we strongly recommend sending scans of the following documents.

Documents for a pilot

Proof of nationality OR certificate of residence (FAI General Section 3.7)
FAI Sporting License valid for the year of the event to be registered on the FAI website
Valid Pilot License or equivalent document
Valid Medical Licence
A Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) if the pilot is taking any medicines that are on WADA’s prohibited list

Documents for a glider

Registration certificate of the glider
Valid Certificate of Airworthiness or Permit to Fly
Valid weight and balance sheet of the glider
Documentation of GNSS FR calibration not older than 5 years
Third party Liability insurance certificate (for all team members)